Roland DE-3 Desktop Engraver

DGSHAPE desktop rotary engraver, a featuring laser-pointing technology, automatic depth regulation and other intelligent enhancements, scribe and engrave onto a huge range of gift ware, signage, trophies, tools and industrial products. Personalize brass, aluminum, copper, plastic engraving blanks, wooden items.

Features & Benefits

New Software and Open Architecture

Desktop rotary engraver an open source technology that works out-of-the-box with all popular engraving software, industry standard tools, materials and also included with purchase of the DE-3 is Dr. Engrave Plus software that offers new user advantages.

Handy Panel Control

Can quickly select machine options such as spindle speed and one-touch machine cleaning, engraving job data can be sent from computer and stored in the controller after the PC is disconnected, easily-applied nose cones can be added to the spindle unit to avoid scratches.

Laser Pointer

A laser pointer accurately defines the origin point and displays an engraving path preview on the media— set the engraving position at the touch-of-a-button for accurate engraving and personalization every time.

Productivity Features

A desktop engraving machine that performs like a production class engraver.

Optional center vise available that holds objects up-to 5.9” (X) by 5.8” (Y) by 1.3” (Z).

Small footprint machine with an ample 12” by 9” work area fits comfortably into offices, classrooms and workshops.

Offers a safe and clean engraving solution with a fully-enclosed engraving operation.


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

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