Pantone Essentials Color Guides and Tools

The Pantone Formula Guide, Color Bridge Guide Set and CMYK Guide are available together in one affordable starter kit. Easily browse, share, compare and reference 7,617 market-driven spot, spot-to-process and process colors, including 224 brand new graphics colors. A protective, streamlined carrying case enables better collaboration with convenient, organized storage and easy access to six portable fan decks.

Features & Benefits

Access six of Pantone’s top-selling graphics tools in one compact, portable carrying case. Now compiled into the Essentials Guide Set.

Use throughout the design process, from inspiration to press check and ideal for comparing spot to process color when CMYK printing is required.

Use for print materials, branding and logos, packaging, digital design, and animation, offers 7,617 total spot and four-color process colors at a value price and ink formulations help printers accurately achieve Pantone Spot colors on printed materials.

Productivity Features

Features the Pantone Formula Guide, Color Bridge Guide Set, and CMYK Guide.
Six portable, handheld fan decks in a convenient carrying case.
Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights: 100 lb coated (180 gsm) and 80 lb uncoated (118 gsm).
Lighting Indicator pages demonstrate when lighting conditions are suitable for color evaluation.


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

Experience demo and real-time print samples.

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  • 224 new, trend- and market-relevant graphics colors added
  • Complete collection of all ​​2,390 traditional spot colors, 2,359 spot-to-process colors
  • and an additional 2,868 four-color process colors in the CMYK Guides
  • Each color displayed with its coordinating number and ink formulation or values
  • Colors arranged in chromatic format, with new color pages at the front of each Formula and Color Bridge Guide
  • ​​Tolerance aim < 2.0 ∆E​00 to Pantone® master standard reference data.
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