Pantone Munsell Eia-Tia 598-A Aqua Color Coding Chart Color Guides and Tools

Munsell worked with the Electrical Industries Association (EIA) to develop color standards correlating to color coding systems for use in the electrical wire, cable, telecom, and fiber optics industries. The Munsell EIA-TIA 598-A Aqua Color-Coding Chart is used specifically for color coding wire and cable insulation and by Electronic Industries Association (EIA RS359-A) for use with electronics components.

Features & Benefits

These are used for color coding of wire and cable insulation and by Electronic Industries Association.

For use with electronics components. It includes ten 81/2″ x 11″ color charts in a binder: red, orange, brown, yellow, green, blue, violet (purple), white, gray (slate) and black.

Each chart defines the centroid (ideal) color and the permissible visual tolerances.

Productivity Features

Color-code wire in electrical, cable and related industries.
This chart is for Aqua wire color codes. Supplemental Munsell Color Coding Charts for Telecom Cable and Fiber Optics (EIA –TIA 598-A).
Each graph defines the centroid (ideal) color and the allowable visual tolerances.


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