Pantone Munsell Color Tree Color Guides and Tools

An attractive, three-dimensional model that makes seeing how colors relate to one another fun, easy and informative. The model represents Munsell’s three attributes of color: Hue, Value, and Chroma, to show how colors vary and change based on their different properties. Featuring 309 color swatches, mounted on ten clear plastic panels, individual swatches reveal what colors are complimentary to one another and what colors are in the nearest color family.

Features & Benefits

The Munsell Color Tree is a great way to visualize how colors work together and how Munsell’s Color Notation System, representing Hue, Value, and Chroma, work together to define all visible possibilities.

Tree branches radiating out represent Chroma, how bright or saturated a color is. The Chroma closest to the trunk is less saturated with colors getting more saturated as the samples move out.

The tree then features ten levels up and down, representing Value – how light or dark a color appears. The model’s base represents pure black and the top represents pure white.

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