Pantone Plastic Chip Color Set - Blues Color Guides and Tools

Includes 100 polypropylene chips from the blue color family. Measuring 3 x 1.9", making them large enough for spectrophotometer readings, these chips are double-sided with matte and glossy finishes and are varied between 1 and 2 mm thicknesses for more accurate color visualization.

Features & Benefits

Match your plastics to your PMS-matched print and packaging colors with this Pantone Plastic Chip Color Set.

Each chip also features a key ring hole in the top corner for organizing into palettes and has the Pantone color number and name printed on it for easy reference.

Use to match to graphics (PMS) color system, so you can match plastics to your print and packaging colors .Use for palette development, color communication and production of plastic products.

Productivity Features

Pantone Plastic Chip Color Set - Blues.
Includes 100 Polypropylene Chips.
Carousel with Rotating Base.
Key Ring Hole and Printed Info on Chips.
Double-Sided, Glossy and Matte Surfaces.
Chip Size: 3 x 1.9


ISO 9001
1 year
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  • Collection features most popular color families - 100 chips each
  • Choose from five different PMS color collections: Blues, Reds, Greens, Yellow, Oranges, & Golds and Blacks & Grays
  • Each Plastic Chip referenced by PANTONE Color Number and or Name
  • CD included with numeric and chromatic color index
  • Each Chip is 3” x 1.9”, large enough to be measured by a spectrophotometer
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