ExoCAD 3D CAD Software

Future in Digital Dentistry, Exocad offers complete software, solution for digital dentistry and all digital dentistry solutions CAD  supports you in designing various esthetic, functional dental restorations and appliances while the patient is still in the chair. Intuitive user interface and open tooth and material libraries, a high level of automation and consistent results are ensured.

Features & Benefits

Dental CAD

Powerful dental CAD software Exocad CAD software known for its speedy operation and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs and maximize productivity and it is reliable and robust even when dealing with complex cases on a daily basis.

Flexible software,flexible business model

We offer maximum flexibility andfreedom through our modularand open approach. Customerscan mix and match modules, buyperpetual CAD software licenses,or rent the software at attractiverates.


High-performance, user-friendly open software solution for your implant planning and surgical guide design and inspiring excellence in guided surgery. Created to provide dental labs, dentists, implant specialists and surgeons with maximum flexibility.

Productivity Features


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

Experience demo and real-time print samples.

Meet the experts and solve your most challenging jobs. Experience a live one-on-one demo tailored for you with our Application Engineers.

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●Transparency and privacy

As a dental share  incomplete control of what data is being sent and when.

●Hardware independent

dental share is integrated with a wide range of CAD/CAM hardware and software on the market. Regardless of the specific products used by partners, it can be confident that with dental share can connect reliably.

●Supports production using premill/preform abutment libraries

● Supports different preform holders

● Multilayered blank support

● Visualize multi layer blanks realistically during the CAD design process with TruSmile technology

Combine patient photos, outlines and 3D situations to evaluate aesthetic relationships between teeth, smile and the face

● Automatically convert patient photos to 3D objects and then match to 3D scans of the teeth

● Artificial intelligence detects facial features

● Mock-up tooth setups improve patient communication

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