Pantone Munsell Book Of Color, Matte Color Guides and Tools

The master atlas of Munsell Colors. It includes the full range of colors that make up the Munsell Color Order System and is ideal for anyone working with color, from design through production, particularly in Industrial, Scientific, and Governmental applications. this book includes a brief tutorial on how to use the Munsell Color System.

Features & Benefits

This portable and durable guide lets you match inspiring colors anywhere and communicate with others up and down the production chain.

The Matte Collection contains over 1,600 removable color samples on 40 constant-hue pages and single 3.5" three-ring binder is 13.75" (L) x 4" (W) x 11.75" (T).

Clear, informative graphics helps to understand exactly where any given color exists in the larger Munsell Color Space.

Productivity Features


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