Pantone Portable Guide Studio Color Guides and Tools

With the Pantone Portable Guide Studio, graphic, print, and digital designers can easily collaborate and get inspired from anywhere for logo and branding projects, marketing materials, digital design work and animation. Colors include traditional spot colors, spot-to-process colors, four-color process colors, and specialty metallic, pastel, and neon spot colors. A protective, compact carrying case enables better collaboration with convenient and organized storage.

Features & Benefits

The Pantone Formula Guide, Color Bridge Guide Set, CMYK Guide, Metallics Guide and Pastels & Neons Guide are available in one streamlined color guide kit. Easily browse, share, compare and reference 8,482 market-relevant colors on the go.

Use for comparing spot-to-process color, logos and branding, packaging, digital design and animation. 6,123 total spot, specialty spot, and four-color process colors together for a value price.

Portable for on-the-go inspiration, visualization, color communication, and verification. Convenient travel case protects and stores guides when not in use.

Productivity Features


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