Pantone Library (2625) Color Guides and Tools

Cotton Swatch Library with 2.625 colours, including the 315 new colours, all sorted in completely new chromatically order. The cotton Swatch Library provides the complete selection of Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) Colors on cotton in the largest removable swatch size. The improved layout of each volume allows you to see up 70 colors at once, per page.

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive desktop reference of 2,625 cotton swatches is perfect for designers and teams working in textiles, soft goods, and apparel.

Use for textiles, apparel, soft home, and interiors products, use for palette development, mood boards, presentations and internal color communication. Ideal for team and departmental use in the workplace.

The improved layout of each volume allows you to see up 70 colors at once, per page. The mini-swatches have also been updated to include printed names on the pockets for easy identification and return.

Productivity Features

Improved chromatic layout organizes all 2,625 FHI Colors by color family.
All Pantone Colors on cotton formulated for achievability and fastness.
Index allows for easy location of each color and each color refers to a corresponding Pantone Swatch Card, the industry standard for color accuracy.


ISO 9001
1 year
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  • Seven-volume, six-ring binder desktop reference•
  • The 2” x 2” mini-swatches have a structured lip on the bottom to improve ease of removal and replacement of mini-swatch cards into the page
  • Each swatch is made from a double layer of unbacked cotton fabric, mounted on non-optically brightened paper for accurate visualization
  • The back of each mini-swatch includes printed color name, number, and location
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