Pantone Munsell Color Charts For Color Coding Color Guides and Tools

Munsell Color Charts ensure the wire colors are within acceptable color tolerances. The charts provide a best match or centroid color found at the middle of all acceptable color deviations. It’s the easiest way to see if the colors have are within acceptable color tolerances for specific uses and industries.

Features & Benefits

These charts are a selection developed for the color coding of wire and cable insulation by Electronic Industries Association (EIA) for use with electronics components (EIA RS359-A).

Using distinct colors in electrical and cable wiring has been an essential industry convention and safety feature for over 100 years. Whether producing or ordering colored wires for operations.

Color code charts in a binder for the following wire colors: red, orange, brown, yellow, green, blue, violet (purple), white, gray (slate) and black.

Productivity Features

Munsell’s insights have been used to define colors for companies, industries and governments across the globe.
Color coding systems were developed to easily and safely identify wires and cables.
Color coding systems were developed to easily and safely identify wires and cables. However, given the variability of manufacturing processes.
The educational tools let anyone learning about color have a deeper understanding of how color works.


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