Pantone Plastics Standard Chips - Fashion + Home (Tcx) Color Guides and Tools

Pantone’s Plastic Chips allow seamless color matching between plastic products, print materials, hard goods and textiles. Graphic, product and fashion designers can use Pantone’s Plastic Chips as a standard for visualizing, communicating, specifying and controlling color for consumer products in plastic and mixed materials. Over 4,000 colors correspond with Pantone Graphics and Fashion, Home + Interiors systems.

Features & Benefits

Ensure consistent color in plastic products, trimmings, soft goods, and print materials, available in all Pantone Matching System® (PMS) Graphics colors and Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) colors.

Enables color choices to be communicated in a plastic medium, use for palette development, color approval, and production of plastic products.

Use for any product made of colored plastic, including beauty, food and beverage, consumer electronics, fashion accessories, hard home, toys, medical devices, and more.

Productivity Features

Sold as individual colors, each identified with a Pantone Color Reference for our PMS (Graphics) or FHI systems.
Each chip includes corresponding pigment formulations for manufacturing accuracy.
Can be specified to any Pantone Graphics and Fashion, Home + Interiors Systems colors to match plastics to printed materials, fabric, leather, and cosmetics.
Can be produced to any custom color developed by the Pantone Color Institute (PCI).


ISO 9001
1 year
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  • Made of polypropylene, the industry-standard plastic reference
  • Chips are large enough to be measured by a spectrophotometer
  • Two tiers of thickness, 1mm and 2mm, for accurate color visualization
  • 7.62 x 4.83 cm (3” x 1,9”)
  • Double-sided with both glossy and matte finishes
  • Key ring hole in top right corner allows chips to be organized into palettes
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