Pantone Viewpoint Color Book-10 Color Guides and Tools

VIEWPOINT COLOUR takes a lifestyle approach to color providing a global perspective across design. Combining evocative visual inspiration with context VIEWPOINT COLOUR highlights in-depth analysis of the personality traits of emerging color stories, explaining why they are relevant, their color implementation and design application.

Features & Benefits

Short- and long-term color direction allows you to select colors based on planning cycle and actionable color intelligence from global color trend experts gives confidence to make critical color choice.

Lifestyle color approach streamlines the color planning process, enables to begin color planning with the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors color language.

Focusing on the inspiration of biocentric design; highlighting designers, creatives, writers, thinkers and activists whose encouraging new perspectives show how it can coexist with the natural world; highlighting a new mindset and visualization of life.

Productivity Features

Acknowledgment of the power and beauty of nature’s organic patterns, systems and networks, it continue the shift away from fast-moving, trend-led color changes towards a more considered, slower color ethos, one whose gradual evolution fosters color longevity, endurance and sustainability.
Each issue highlights one overarching theme supported by visual imagery, material direction and trend forecasts in Pantone colors. The latest color news, color psychology research, designer and artists spotlights and future design influences are also featured.
VIEWPOINT COLOUR - celebrating the poetic qualities of color and the inspiring, artistic and aesthetic power of color in design.


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  • 12.5” x 9.5” softcover on heavy weight paper stock
  • 176 pages
  • Co-existence: The Design Context; Re-examining our Connection to Nature
  • The Language of Dreams: A Subtle Take on Psychedelia Visual Essay
  • Energy Fields: A Fresh Emphasis on Spiritual Emanation and Well-Being Visual Essay
  • Changing States: Artist Raquel Quevedo’s Organism Series
  • That Which Connects: Inspirational artworks and profile of Emma Larsson profile
  • Forces of Nature: Artists and Creative Technologists Tin & Ed Studio Profile
  • Macro & Micro: A Visual Exploration of Our Delicately Balanced Eco-System
  • Beyond Human: Spotlighting Fashion Designers Collina Strada, Beate Karlsson, Ruby Mellish
  • Multi-species Dining: A Fantastical Banquet
  • A Sea of Potential: The Influence of Regenerative Materials on Color/Material/Finish
  • Rewilding Color: The Nuanced Beauty of Natural Color
  • Autumn/Winter 22/23 Color Forecast: 5 Key Color Palettes – Auras, Algal, Earthborn, Multi-species, Superstructures
  • Key Color Focus: Directional Color Family Overview
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