Pantone Nylon Swatch Card Color Guides and Tools

Pantone’s Nylon Brights Swatch Card is the nylon color standard for designers, colorists and product developers. These bright and fluorescent colors are available in 21 shades, carefully selected for apparel use in the swimwear, outerwear, active wear, and safety industries. Individual swatch cards are made from double-layered, 100% nylon and loose-format fabric.

Features & Benefits

Made to exacting color specifications, each swatch card includes a bar-code that can be used to order the associated spectral data (sold separately) for assured color accuracy in production.

Use for apparel including swimwear, intimates, footwear, and athleisure, use for precise visual color evaluation, color communication, specification, and production

Productivity Features

Available in 21 bright and fluorescent colors, dyed on nylon fabric.
Displays a color depth not achievable on cotton-based textiles.
Complements colors in our cotton and polyester textile systems.
Each swatch card is referenced by color name and number.
Dye formulations are available for each color and spectral data is available for purchase separately.


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

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  • One 4” x 4” color swatch made of 100% nylon knit
  • Each swatch card is dyed within a tolerance of <1.0 dE (*except optical whites) to the corresponding spectral data
  • Double-layered, unbacked fabric on a non-optically brightened paper for true representation of each color
  • Sealed in a protective pouch for assured color accuracy
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