HP Latex R1000 Flatbed Printer

Expand your offering with the glossiest white. Whites that fade to yellow are becoming a thing of the past with white HP Latex Ink,  an industry breakthrough. With the HP Latex R Printer series, you can transform your business all while  adding value to new applications.

Features & Benefits

Get amazing colors for rigid jobs up to 64inches

Grow your business into a higher value rigid jobs with a vibrant HP Latex gamut, preserving media look and feel.

Increase your productivity with smarter printing

Smarter printing is designed for more productivity and more new business. With the HP Latex R Printer series, you can maximize up time and meet production peaks without compromising quality. A printer with proactive alerts and preventive services.

Achieve amazing colors on both rigid and flexible

With the HP Latex R Printer series, you can transform any rigid or flexible substrate with amazing colors. And with a new vibrant HP Latex color gamut on rigid, you can transform new substrates  to set yourself apart from your competition.

Productivity Features

Get amazing colors, rigid and flexible up to 64 inches

Move to higher value jobs with vibrant HP Latex gamut with media gloss and feel, and prints with no smell.‍

Expand with white, we’ve removed the barriers

Glossiest white on transparent and colored media with high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time.

Manage your peaks in-house with smarter printing No need to outsource with high-speed quality up to 6.4 indoor/12 outdoor boards/hr, continuous loading

Easy printing helps avoid costly mistakes with automatic maintenance, smart vacuum, and assisted loading.‍


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

Experience demo and real-time print samples.

Meet the experts and solve your most challenging jobs. Experience a live one-on-one demo tailored for you with our Application Engineers.

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  • HP

printing technique

  • roll-to-roll, flatbed


  • 8 HP 886 Latex (C/K, M/Y, Lc/Lm, 2 Wh, 2 OP, OV)


  • HP 872 Latex

ink type

  • latex


  • CMYKLcLmWh + HP Latex optimizer + HP Latex overcoat

cartridge capacity

  • 3 l

roll-to-roll printing

  • available with the HP Latex R1000 Roll Printing Accessory Kit

speed 3 pass

  • 56 m² per hour

speed 6 pass

  • 28 m² per hour

speed 12 pass

  • 15 m² per hour

speed white spot (100%)

  • 25 m² per hour

speed white overflood (100%)

  • 11 m² per hour

speed 3 layer day & night

  • 3,6 m² per hour

maximum resolution

  • 600 x 1.200 dpi

minimum drop size

  • 10 pl

maximum media width

  • hard materials: 1,625 x 1,220 mm (1,625 x 3,050 mm with extension tables); rolls: 1,630 mm

maximum media weight

  • 68 kg

maximum roll diameter

  • 250 mm

maximum media thickness

  • 50,8 mm


  • 4.210 x 2.040 x 1.750 mm


  • 1400 kg

packaging dimensions

  • 4.430 x 2.240 x 2.150 mm

Shipping weight

  • 2400 kg
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