Artec Leo Wireless 3D Scanner

Artec Leo is the only wireless and fully standalone professional 3D scanner designed to make scanning as easy and effortless as possible. Leo runs at more than twice the power than it did before, and guarantees accuracy at every step of the way – you're set up for success from the start.

Features & Benefits

Leo does the heavy lifting,

You just point & shoot.

Interactive real-time scanning hints, a hybrid target-free tracking system, and smart scanning modes for faster data processing – are just a few things that make our Leo the easiest 3D scanner to use. Just pick it up, the point at whatever you want to scan, and hit that start button. Leo will take care of the rest.

Consistently accurate

The 2022 Artec Leo remains at a stable and optimal temperature throughout the scanning process to bring your accuracy to the next level, while a calibration certificate and Leo Calibration Kit guarantee top quality is maintained every step of the way.

HD Mode for 2x higher resolution

The resolution of the scan data steps up 2x while removing noise, leaving with the tidiest noise-free 3D model. Hard-to-reach areas and difficult-to-scan surfaces such as thin ridges or sharp corners are now easier than ever to capture, with enhanced reconstruction and improvements to edge curvatures.

Productivity Features

Scan Anywhere, hassle-free

Take the Artec Leo anywhere you need, hassle-free. Easily scan objects with a cloud-connected,Wifi-enabled, and cable-free device no computer or additional equipment necessary.

2x higher resolution

The Artec Leo's HD mode offers AI-powered scanning technology for clean, highly-detailed scans.

Access Anywhere

Powered by Artec Studio and Artec Cloud integration enables the Leo to be accessed from any device anywhere.


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

Experience demo and real-time print samples.

Meet the experts and solve your most challenging jobs. Experience a live one-on-one demo tailored for you with our Application Engineers.

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Accuracy & resolution

3D point accuracy: up to 0.1 mm

3D resolution: up to 0.2 mm

3D accuracy over distance: up to 0.1 mm + 0.3 mm/m


HD Mode

Hybrid geometry and texture tracking

Geometry and texture based data processing algorithms

Auto background removal

Field of view

Working distance: 0.35 – 1.2 m

Volume capture zone: 160,000 cm³

Linear field of view, H×W @ closest range: 244 × 142 mm

Linear field of view, H×W @ furthest range: 838 × 488 mm

Angular field of view, H×W: 38.5 × 23°


Texture resolution: 2.3 mp

Colors: 24 bpp

Ability to use Photo Texture

Capture rate

3D reconstruction rate for real-time fusion: up to 22 fps

3D reconstruction rate for 3D video recording: up to 44 fps

3D reconstruction rate for 3D video streaming: up to 80 fps

Data acquisition speed: up to 35 mln points/s

3D exposure time: 0.0002 s

2D exposure time: 0.0002 s

Light source

3D light source: VCSEL

2D light source: white 12 LED array


Position sensors: built-in 9 DoF inertial system

Display/touchscreen: integrated 5.5" half HD, CTP, optional Wi-Fi/Ethernet video streaming to external device

Multi-core processing

Embedded processors NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 Quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A57 MPCore Processor NVIDIA Maxwell™ 1 TFLOPS GPU with 256 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores

Interface: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, SD card

Internal hard drive: 512 GB SSD

Computer requirements

Supported OS
Scanning: No computer required
Data processing: Windows 7, 8, 10 x 64

Recommended computer requirements Intel Core i7 or i9, 64+ GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with 8+ GB VRAM, CUDA 6.0+

Minimum computer requirements
HD: Intel Core i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with CUDA 6.0+ and at least 4 GB VRAM
SD: Intel Core i5, i7 or i9 and 32GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB RAM
A computer is needed only for data processing. Scanning does not require a computer.

Output formats



Measurements: CSV, DXF, XML

Power source & dimensions

Power source: built-in exchangeable battery, optional AC power

Dimensions, H×D×W: 231 × 162 × 230 mm

Weight: 2.6 kg / 5.7 lb

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