Style CNC STP1325R CNC Plasma Cutting CNC Router

CNC plasma cutter designed for heavy sheet metal fabrication with oxy-fuel gas, the portable CNC oxy-fuel gas and plasma cutter machine adopts a gantry structure with a double-driven system, now the cheap portable CNC plasma/flame cutting machine.

Features & Benefits

CNC controls

Materials simply need to be loaded and unloaded while the automated technology performs the rest of the work. This allows for safer material handling and fewer technicians needed for processing.

Generate clean cuts

Clean cuts on plates ranging up to 50 mm in size; in fact, plasma cutting is the best option for fabricating medium-thickness steel and aluminum.

Plasma cutting a popular method

Of fabricating metal plate ranging in size from ¼ inch to 1 ½ inches. Its processing speed and high-quality cuts.

Productivity Features


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

Experience demo and real-time print samples.

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Motor Style

Stepper Motors Dual Drive

Effective Cutting Range for each Tool X*Y


Cutting Speed

0 - 4000mm/min

Input Power

Single Phase AC 220V

Cutting Modes

Plasma Cutting and Flame Cutting

Transmission Style

Rack And Gear

Working Precision

± 0.2 mm / meter

Plasma Cutting Thickness

Depends on the cutting capacity of the Plasma Generator

Flame auto igniter

Including Flame Device

Gas Pressure

Acetylene Gas or Propane Gas Max 0.1Mpa

Oxygen Pressure

Oxygen Gas Max 0.8M

Plasma power

Cutting thickness

Hypertherm 65A

Carbon steel 12mm, stainless steel 8mm

Hypertherm 85A

Carbon steel 16mm, stainless steel 12mm

Hypertherm 105A

Carbon steel 22mm, stainless steel 18mm

Hypertherm 125A

Carbon steel 25mm, stainless steel 20mm

Flame cutting head

1-200mm metals

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