HP 15K Commercial Digital Sheet-fed Printing Press

The press that will have saying yes to any application, on any substrate, in any run length, HP Indigo is redefining the role of digital with advances that blur the boundaries between all forms of print production and get the look, feel and operational familiarity of offset, and labor-saving automation, at speeds that are already leading.

Features & Benefits

High impact through high-quality

Your quality defines you and it’s the press that lets you say yes to every job with unshakable confidence, unmatched quality and beyond-offset quality with HD imaging option with variety of print quality modes.

All-powerful.All-purpose. All jobs.

The road to digital print success is paved with the ability to say yes to any request. Any run length, any substrate, any color—say yes to it all and 7 ink stations with unlimited color combinations, featuring 14 application-specific inks and unlimited spot colors.

Maximize total uptime

Leverage world renowned automation and workflow optimization tools to get more done in a single shift. From nonstop feeding, to preventive care, AI-based tools and more.

Productivity Features


Bring your business into the circular economy today and prepare to excel in the new way that print will be done.

HP Indigo ElectroInks

With the widest ink portfolio, HP Indigo ElectroInks enable an impressive array of specialty inks and spot colors. Add a new dimension to your prints and seize the potential for profitable growth.


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

Experience demo and real-time print samples.

Meet the experts and solve your most challenging jobs. Experience a live one-on-one demo tailored for you with our Application Engineers.

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Printing speed

3450 sheets per hour 4/0, 4600 sheets per hour in EPM 3/0, 1725 sheets per hour 4/4, 4600 sheets per hour 1/1 (monochrome)

Image resolution

812 dpi at 8-bit; writing system addressability: 812 dpi (virtual 2438 x 2438 dpi)

Line screens

175, 180, 180m, 190EPM, HMF200 lpi

Sheet size

Maximum sheet size: 29.5 x 20.81in (750 x 530mm) (In-house cutting: 29.527 x 20.866 in)

Minimum sheet size: 20.1 x 11.7in (510 x 297mm) for simplex; 20.1 x 13 In (510 x 330) for duplex.

Image size

29.1 x 20.1 In (740 x 510mm) maximum

Paper weight*

Uncoated media: 50 lb text to 150 lb (70-400 gsm) cover.

Coated media: 60 lb text to 150 lb (90-400 gsm) cover

Thickness 3-18 pt. (75-450 microns).; Thick substrate kit up to 24 pt. (up to 600 microns)


Palette feeder 33.4 in (850 mm) of media. Drawer feeder: Two or four drawers (option), each with 11.8 in (300 mm) of media.


Main stacking tray with 33.4 in (850 mm) stack height supporting offset jogging

Print servers (DFE)

PrintOS Production Pro for Commercial

Press dimensions

Length: 320 in (8000 mm); Width: 185 in (4700 mm); Height: 94 in (2400 mm)

Press weight

24,250 lb (11,000 Kg)

Cloud connectivity

Via HP PrintOSX

HP Indigo ElectroInks

Standard 4-color printing

Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black

5-color printing

Use the 5th ink station

HP IndiChrome 6-color printing

Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, and violet

HP IndiChrome Plus 7-color printing

Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, orange, violet, and green

Specialty inks

Premium White, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Fluorescent Pink, Vivid Pink, Vivid Green, Transparent, Digital ink Primer (DIP), Invisible Yellow

HP IndiChrome off-press spot inks

HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing Service for spot colour creation using CMYK as well as Orange, Violet, Green, Reflex Blue, Rhodamine Red, Bright Yellow, and Transparent

PANTONE® color


HP Professional PANTONE Emulation Technology using CMYK on-press;

HP IndiChrome on-press; HP IndiChrome Plus on-press

HP IndiChrome off-press for achieving up to 97% of the PANTONE® color range

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