Pantone Metallics Chip Book Color Guides and Tools

Pantone Metallics provide economic color options that are easy to use, specify, and amplify for luxurious and dynamic results. Pantone Colors are high quality, reliable, and available off-the-shelf anywhere you go. Use for packaging, logos, branding, signage and marketing materials.

Features & Benefits

The Pantone Graphics System presents a complete collection of 655 Metallic colors for print and packaging.

Coating options are included within the chip book for a quick reference to just a few of the many ways that metallic effects can be enhanced for your projects’ needs.

Bring color to life, digitally learn how Pantone connect for Adobe, Creative Cloud, allows to take physical Pantone colors into digital workflow through Adobe creative cloud ( In design, photo shop and illustrator).

Productivity Features

Single-volume, three-ring binder style desktop set.
Includes a Paper Chip Saver for easy loose chip organization and storage.
Includes both Packaging and Graphics metallic spot colors as perforated, removable paper chips.
Each page provides seven Pantone Colors with six individual 3 cm x 2 cm chips each.
Printed on commonly used paper stock: 100 lb (148 gsm) coated Colors.


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

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  • Each color displayed with coordinating numbers
  • 354 high-luster, durable packaging metallic and 301 traditional metallic spot colors
  • Removable chips have three-sided color bleed for comparing and evaluating color combinations
  • Complete collection of impact and refined metallic colors for creating noteworthy designs
  • Replacement Chip Pages sold separately for when colors run out
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