Pantone Fhi Replacement Page Color Guides and Tools

Replacement pages are available for the Pantone For Fashion Home + Interiors Color Specifier (TPG colour codes). Six tear-out chips per colour, seven colours per page and designers use chips to conceptualize, specify, evaluate, and communicate Pantone FHI colors for design projects with clients, colleagues, vendors, and manufacturers.

Features & Benefits

The Pantone FHI Color Replacement Page S.02 includes the following seven textile colors: Sweet Corn (11-0106 TPG), Lemon Icing (11-0515 TPG), Soybean (13-0919 TPG), Brown Rice (13-1105 TPG), Irish Cream (14-1208 TPG), Almond Milk (12-4301 TPG) and Pistachio Shell (12-0110 TPG).

Have used up all the chips of one particular page just purchase a replacement page and your book will be as good as new again.

All pages contain seven colours with six perforated colour chips for each colour number, the perforated chips measure 2cm x 2cm (about the same as a small postage stamp).

Productivity Features

Individual  TPG Fashion Home & Interior COLOR SPECIFIER pages contain 7 colours with 6 perforated chips of each colour.
Perforations allow single chips to be taken from the page.


ISO 9001
1 year
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  • Available in all 2,625 FHI Colors, including the latest 315 market-driven colors
  • Perforated chip format has three-sided color bleed most ideal when evaluating color
  • Pantone’s TPG Colors correlate to our Textile Cotton System (TCX) so you can coordinate colors for both hard and soft surfaces
  • Colors displayed with their corresponding numbers
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