Pantone Skintone Guide Color Guides and Tools

The Pantone SkinTone Guide was created by scientifically measuring thousands of actual skin tones across the full spectrum of human skin types. Specially formulated to be the closest physical representations of skin colors and the library is a comprehensive visual reference of human skin tones for use in any market where skin colors are relevant.

Features & Benefits


The SkinTone Guide makes it easy for intimates companies to match undergarments to the wearer’s skin across a diverse customer base by providing a convenient reference for a wide array of real skin tones. Undergarment and lingerie companies use the Pantone SkinTone Guide to ensure their lines are as inclusive as possible.

Digital & Gaming

Anyone who plays video games will agree that one of the most exciting first steps is designing your avatar. The avatar carries the player through the game’s landscape, so being able to create a character that is as close a representation to the player as possible is highly attractive to designer.


Finding your true match for cosmetic foundations and powders should not be an exclusive or stressful process. Tinted moisturizers may show up yellow or pink on different skin tones rather than blending in. Sunscreen that blends into one skin tone may create an obvious white cast on other skin tones.

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