Artec 3D – Case Studies

Artec 3D – Case Studies


Industrial Design and Manufacturing

Reverse engineering | Quality control | Rapid prototyping | Aerospace Developing new product designs, taking the measurements of objects with complex geometry or automating the workflow at manufacturing facilities used to take days or weeks to complete. Now this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes or hours with Artec 3D scanning technology. You can use the 3D scanners to quickly capture just about any industrial object, from a small mechanical part to a turbine, with astonishing accuracy. The resulting 3D model can then be exported to a variety of CAD & CAM programs and from there gauged and modified to improve the product’s design and performance or integrate it into a new production system.



Orthopedics | Prosthetics | Plastic surgery | Custom wheelchairs Designing customized prosthetic and orthotic devices requires real precision and paying close attention to the patient’s individual anatomy, and that’s where Artec 3D scanners prove to be indispensable tools. They are successfully used to produce quick and accurate scans of the body or body parts, even if the person moves about a little during scanning. Artec scanners use structured light and pose no risk to the health of the person scanned. They easily capture the geometry of the body and don’t need any reference targets to be attached to the patient’s body.  


Science and Education

Research | Training | Online museums Universities, colleges and laboratories are embracing 3D scanning as a powerful tool that allows students and researchers to study artifacts in greater detail than ever before without risking damaging them. The world’s leading museums also use Artec 3D scanners to digitize artifacts and create online galleries, facilitating access to their collections for art specialists and academics no matter where they are based. Unlike original objects that can be seen only from behind the glass at museums where they are exhibited, their 3D copies can be easily viewed from any angle and in different resolutions.  


Art and Design

Heritage preservation | Architecture | CGI | Fashion 3D scanning opens up limitless possibilities for artists of any kind, enabling them to translate their most fantastic ideas into reality. The technology drives forward the movie industry and video games – many stunts and visual effects would be difficult or even impossible to bring off before the advent of 3D scanning. Artec has perfected the technology to produce 3D scanners that have become the preferred choice for making top-grossing Hollywood blockbusters, such as World War Z, Terminator Genisys, Jurassic World and many more. While helping create new pieces of art, Artec also takes care of ancient artifacts and monuments by digitizing them in 3D to preserve their exact copies for posterity as the objects themselves may disintegrate over time.

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