ULS VLS (2.30 - 3.60) Laser Engraver

The VLS2.30 and 3.60 Desktop laser platforms are the easiest way to get started with laser technology. About the size of a printer, a VLS Desktop laser packs sophisticated laser processing capabilities into an attractive, durable package. An optional computer-controlled air cleaner cart is available.

Features & Benefits

Reduces accumulation of residue deposits, improves cutting and engraving and protects optics and manual control feature allows users to enter individual laser settings for unique materials and applications, providing unlimited processing flexibility.

Intuitive and easy to use, allows laser cutting, engraving, and marking to be executed in three easy steps and it's time saving features maximize productivity, direct Import, materials database, duplicate, estimate, storage and organization.

Damage-free laser cutting, mitigates or eliminates laser damage to lower surface of target-material being laser cut, consistent. Laser Cutting and precision-leveled table provides a path for excess laser power and for laser processing by products.

Productivity Features

Laser Sources

‍Our patented, metal core, air-cooled, free-space slab, CO2 lasers produce excellent beam quality with even power distribution, good near-field and far-field characteristics and long life.

Dual lasers dramatically increase speed, edge quality and power.‍Universal Control Panel (UCP)

‍Our exclusive integrated materials database in the UCP print driver automatically determines the optimum processing settings for your target material.

High Power Density Focusing Optics

‍High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO™) allow the laser beam to be focused to a much smaller spot, making it possible to engrave smaller text and produce sharper images at tighter tolerances.

1-Touch Laser Photo‍

1-Touch Laser Photo is our popular software package that makes it quick and easy to reproduce stunning photographic images on nearly any material.


ISO 9001
1 year
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