Dobot New Vision System Educational Robot

With the advantages of rich functions, stable performance, and convenient operation, it perfectly meets the needs of optical applications, including visual positioning, measurement, detection, and recognition. DOBOT Robot Vision Kit obtains a clear and intuitive design, making it easy to operate.

Features & Benefits

Support Third-Party Customization, Offers Strong Compatibility

Compatible with the DOBOT Magician and DOBOT M1, the DOBOT Robot Vision Kit provides various SDK interfaces, building-block style development, and robust scalability. The vision kit supports GigEVision, USB3Vision protocol standards, and diverse cameras of different brands that can be directly connected to the kit.

Powerful Visual Tools

With over a thousand image processing operators, high-performance algorithms, and a powerful visual analysis tool library, the DOBOT Robot Vision Kit enables users to set up fast a machine vision application system to fulfill their needs in different experimental projects and applications.

Friendly and Easy-to-use Interface

The Dobot Vision Studio supports graphical interactions, drag-and-drop operations, and visual development. The configuration setup process is simple and flexible, while the Backstage and Output interfaces can be easily customized.

Productivity Features

The large,easy-to-use control panel

Allows you to quickly and easily change settings such as speed, pressure and plot mode in order to perform test cuts.

Our high-speed cutting head

features the utmost accuracy for exceptionally reliable and effortless vinyl cutting.

Integrated media rollers and roll flanges

Load your vinyl straight and keep your media on track, even when cutting at top speed.

OPOS X contour cutting alignment

Means you can die-cut valuable printed vinyl graphics with complete confidence and reliability.


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

Experience demo and real-time print samples.

Meet the experts and solve your most challenging jobs. Experience a live one-on-one demo tailored for you with our Application Engineers.

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HD Color Industrial Camera

Sensor Size


Sensor Type


Effective Pixel

5 Million



Pixel Size

2.2×2.2 um

Frame Rate / Resolution

31 @2592×1944

Effective Pixel

5 Million



Pixel Size

2.2×2.2 um

Frame Rate / Resolution

31 @2592×1944


>40 dB

Dynamic range

>60 dB

Shutter Type

Curtain Exposure

Time of exposure

Bayer:16μs-1sec Other Format:28μs-1sec

Exposure control



29 mm × 29 mm × 30 mm

Data Interface

USB 3.0

Data Format

Mono 8/10/12,Bayer GR 8/10/10p/12/12p,YUV422_YUYV_Packed,YUV422_Packed,RGB8

Lens Mount


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