Adelco 3 Drawer Drying Cabinets Heat Transfer Machine

A compact, space-saving, and economical solution for the curing of digital and screen-printed textile inks. Each cabinet incorporates motor-driven drawers, operated & controlled by its own cycle timer. Drawers automatically eject for unloading & reloading after the cycle time has counted down.

Features & Benefits

Using temperature controlled, high-velocity airflow for optimum curing, the balanced airflow system directs the hot air directly onto the textile ensuring maximum efficiency.

Ergonomically designed for ease of loading the drawers and each drawer has its own independent digital drawer timer for precise drying times.

A digital display counts down the preset times of each independent drawer and shows the time remaining.

Productivity Features

Offer drying cabinets with automatic drawers

Adelco’s drying cabinets offer a compact, space-saving and economical solution for the curing of digital and screen printed textile inks.

3 Drawer Drying Cabinet

The Adelco 3-Drawer drying cabinet offers a compact textile drying solution where DTG printers can be mounted on top of the machine to save even more floor space.


Automatic open &close from pre-programmed timers.


ISO 9001
1 year
Norde Support

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DDC-3A - Production

Kornit Ink - 60 light shirts per hour Epson / Brother /Anajet - 90 light shirts per hour

DDC-6A - Production

Kornit Inks - 120 light shirts per hour Epson / Brother / Anajet - 180 light shirts per hour

Electrical Requirements DDC-3A

3 Phase, 50/60HZ, 200/220 V & 380/415 V, 13KW - Single phase option available with optional inverter

Electrical Requirements DDC-6A

3 Phase, 50/60HZ, 200/220 V & 380/415 V, 19KW

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