Stratasys DAP

Stratasys J750 DAP and J850 | Proto3000 Production 3D Printing Facility Tour

The J750™ Digital Anatomy™ printer truly brings the look and feel of medical models to life with unrivaled accuracy, realism and functionality.  Whether used for surgeon training or to perform testing during device development, its models provide unmatched clinical versatility mimicking both the appearance and response of human tissue.Bring medical models to life.  The J750 Digital Anatomy Printer takes the J750 capabilities to the next level. Step up to the printer’s digital capabilities to create models with an incredible array of microstructures which not only look, but now feel and function like actual human tissue for true haptic feedback.  All of this in a single print operation with minimal to no finishing steps like painting, sanding or assembly.Design and creativity have no limits. Now, with the Stratasys J850 3D printer, the same is true for prototypes. Our tried and tested technology simplifies the entire design process, streamlining workflows so you can spend more time on what matters –creating, refining, and designing the best product possible.

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