HP L800w

Marte Impresiones expands their business with their HP Latex 800 W | Equipped to Win Big | HP

Spanish customer - Marte Impresiones – explains how thanks to the HP Latex 800 W Printer they have reinvented themselves accessing any sector and producing an incredible number of different applications.Equipped to win big with the HP Latex 700 and 800 Printer series. Expand into the highest value applications with the whitest white and robust, smart, productive printing. Sharpen your sustainability edge—and differentiate your business—with HP Latex Technology.

HP Latex 800W and HP Latex Plus Cutter Demo with Glenn Cummins

Watch as wide-format graphics expert, Glenn Cummins, walks you through the HP Latex 800W and the HP Latex Plus Cutter All-in-one solution. Glenn describes the benefits of the devices, how to operate, and what to watch out for when purchasing these units for your organization.

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